Hundred Nights, Inc.

PO Box  833

17 Lamson Street

Keene, NH  03431

Ph:  603.352.5197

Fx:  603.352.9601

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Hundred Nights Shelter

Our Mission:

The Mission of Hundred Nights, Inc. is to provide shelter and crisis related services to the displaced or homeless; to support the invisible members of our society who deserve dignity and a voice that is heard, through community, collaboration and guidance.

 Our Vision Statement:

Hundred Nights, Inc. believes that Keene and Cheshire County is a community that invests in and supports its’ most vulnerable and invisible citizens with dignity, support, hope and a pathway to personal growth.

Our Operating Principles:

1. Hundred Nights, Inc. believes that self-sufficiency can only be realized for those suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, illiteracy, chronic unemployment, and or incarceration when the public and business community come together to treat people with respect and support.

2. Hundred Nights, Inc. believes that all people are worthy, have a story to tell and should be heard.

3. Hundred Nights, Inc. operates to minimize the devastating impact that homelessness creates on the person and the community by providing a continuum of shelter options, housing referrals, health care and educational services.

4. Hundred Nights, Inc. acts to build and maintain the strength of our leadership, the skills and motivation of our staff and the active engagement of our guests as essential ingredients in order to strengthen our communities.

 Our Core Values:

 1. Results: We are accountable for achieving excellence through measurable, thoughtful and meaningful outcomes.

2. Integrity: We foster an environment of transparency and honesty that is built on respect and openness.

3. Community: We seek locally driven solutions that incorporate the views of our various stakeholders and audiences, building on diversity as a strength, and working in partnership with others to achieve results.

4. Effectiveness: We are resourceful, responsible stewards, leveraging resources to maximize impact.

 Mindy Cambiar, Executive Director 

  (603) 352-5197 –