We would like to thank all of you who have made a donation of soup to nuts, soap to socks, postage stamps to long johns, OR shown some other form of compassionate interaction with our guests here at Hundred Nights Inc. It is only because of your generosity that we can provide the services that we do.

Thank you to all that have helped so many in need from January 1, 2020 to the Present

Abundant Grace Church

Barb Williams

Carol Hines

Cherrie Singer

Deb Stewart

Dublin Community Church

Elanore Vander Haegen

First Congregational Church UCC

Freihofer Bakery

Gary Keating

Gem Graphics

Janet Selle

James Plaut

Jennifer Bush

Jim & Lauris Bissell

Jonathan & Valerie Starbuck

Kathy Frick

Kelly Dodge

Laina Barakat

Laurence Leech

Lee Mathers

Lindsay Currivan

Mary Heath

Merry Ellen Morrill

Nancy & Jeremy Lory

Philip & Jennifer Heald

Rindge Memorial School

Robert Johndrow

Robin Cherof

The Vacuum Store

Timothy & Diane Matson

UCC Women’s Fellowship

United Chirch of Jaffery

Wes Parrott

thank you