Monthly and Annual Non-Financial Donors

We would like to thank all of you who have made a donation of soup to nuts, soap to socks, postage stamps to long johns, OR shown some other form of compassionate interaction with our guests here at Hundred Nights Inc. It is only because of your generosity that we can provide the services that we do. Thank you to all that have helped so many in need from January 1, 2018 to the Present




Alex Himmelberg

Alison Weber

Andre & Carol Bessette

Annie Wills


Anthony White

Barbara & Bill Porter

Belinda Melanson

Bettina Chadbourne

Bergeron Construction

Best Western Hotel

Bill & Barbara Sheehan

Bryant Naro

Charles Weed


Conant High School Interact

Cyndy Chase

Cynthia Johnson

Dan & Louise Rath

Daniel Scully

Diane Way

Drew Nichols

Dublin Community Church

Ed Letourneau

Eileen Benik

Elizabeth Kurowski Whatsoever Ministries

Eric Poulin

Fassetts Bakery

Federated Church of Marlborough

First Congregational Church of Swanzey

Foley Funeral Home

Frank Hunter Family

Friends of Hundred Nights

Irene Putnam

Jack & Joan Little

Jackie Lyn

Joe Mucci

Julie Conroy

Kathy Basic

Kathy Frick

Kerry & Theresa Ford

Kim Peavey

Kristina Germano

Len Herschberger

Letricia Sears

Lee Pearson

Lisa Clouet

Little Greens 

Loisanne Foster     

Lucy Ahern

M. Ransam

Marty Castmolta

Maureen Collett

Meagan Frappiea

Monadnock Region Board of Realtors

Nancy Newton

Natco Distributors

New Chapter, Inc.

Nyomi Patterson

Pat Tonweber

Peavey/Hunter Family

Pizza Pie

Pregnancy Resource Center of Keene

Rebecca Dowd

Rev. Robert Hamm

Robert Diluzio

Rose Bochicchio

Russ Mills

Savings Bank of Walpole

St James Episcopal Church

Suzanne & Larry Butcher

Terry & Donna Fuller

Timoleon’s Restaurant

Timothy Varney

The First Congregational Church of Rindge

The Union Church of Westmoreland

United Church of Christ Keene

United Church of Christ Rindge

Vicki Read

Walpole Tavern

West Keene Church of Christ