Weekend Dinners!


Dinner is served every Saturday and Sunday night to the guests of Hundred Nights. The location of the dinners is currenty at the Hundred Nights Resource and Drop In Center at 17 Lamson St., in Keene. The entire process of setting up, serving and cleaning up takes place between  4:30 and 6 pm.

Arrive at Resource Center by 4:15 to set up

Food should be hot and/or cold and ready to be served, unless you are dropping food off ahead of time and not staying  to serve.

HN has three large electric roasting pans that can double as steam trays to keep food warm only.  There is also capacity to plug in up to three crock pots, which HN also has on site if needed. We have found that we can plug in 4 of these electric devices at a time before we blow a circuit! (one would be back up, as it is on the other side of the room!)

HN will make coffee and hot water ahead of time and we will have beverages to drink.

We are now receiving USDA commodity foods such as Chicken leg quarters, tomato sauce, grated cheese, canned carrots and potatoes, juices, and raisins and dried cherries – if you would like to incorporate any of these into your meal that would be great!

Plan on feeding 60+ people. If there are leftovers, you can leave them here to be used the next day. Casseroles and a salad or veggie and rolls or bread with butter are perfect. If you also want to bring dessert, please bring something like bananas and clementines, brownies or cookies.

If at all possible – but not necessary – please bring:

Sturdy Paper Plates and Bowls for 60 people

Cups – for hot or cold drinks


Tin foil to wrap items to take home


Generally the group that brings the food also helps with setting up, serving and basic cleaning up after the meal. We have a volunteer on site to unlock doors, help as needed with serving, sweeping up and wiping tables, and locking up. There are some groups who make food and drop it off and we will just put the food out for people to eat.

Some suggestions for menu items:

Ham & Beans, Hot Dogs & Beans, Lasagna, Quiche, cold salads (potato, macaroni, green, tuna, fruit)

Mac & Cheese , Chili and corn bread, Beef Stew, American Chop Suey, Hearty Soup, Grillable items in grill season,

Chicken Pot Pie with only top crust, Assorted sandwiches with chips….


If you have any questions please call 352-5197 and ask for Mindy or Jeff!

Here is the current calendar of meal dates and groups:


Aug 19 – Lia – Grace Church

Aug 20 – Lia – Grace Church


Aug 26 – Deb – Federated Church of Marlborough

Aug 27 – Julie


Sept 2 – Julie

Sept 3 – open

Sept 4 – Labor Day – open


Sept 9 – Julie

Sept 10 – Julie


Sept 16 – Lia – Grace Church

Sept 17 – Lia – Grace Church


Sept 23 – Peterborough United Methodist Church

Sept 24 – open


Sept 30 – open

Oct 1 – open


Oct 7 – open

Oct 8 – open


Oct 14 – Lia

Oct 15 – Lia


Oct 21 – open

Oct 22 – open


Oct 28 – open

Oct 29 – Interact