The Amazing Race

The Hundred Nights Amazing Race is a scavenger hunt, obstacle course, and trivia challenge all rolled into one fun event!

On foot, throughout downtown Keene, teams will solve puzzles and follow clues to find and complete physical and mental challenges in a race to the finish line! The fun starts before race day with teams fundraising to win course clues and skips! Teams will win prizes and enjoy a complimentary post-race party with food, beverages, and music. Friends and family can join by purchasing a ticket to the post-race party.
Event proceeds fund the Hundred Nights mission of providing shelter and supportive services to individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness in southwestern New Hampshire.

Race Details

Saturday, September 9th at 12pm starting at Keene Ice (arrive by 11:30am for registration)

20 wacky, exhilarating, & hysterical challenges throughout downtown Keene

$100 entry for teams of two, fundraise to cover costs & support our cause!

First Class Pass raffle to win a challenge-pass

$1000s in prizes!

After party & prize announcements for all race participants, sponsors, and ticket holders; 5pm at the Blastos Room!

One amazing cause

Race Route Information For Teams

It’s almost time for the Hundred Nights Amazing Race Fundraiser, and we’re thrilled to have you join us! Here’s everything you need to know:

Date: Saturday, September 9th

Time: 12pm (Please arrive by 11:30 am for registration)

Parking: Keene Ice at 380 Marlboro St; park in the Connection lot on the right as you enter

Race Rules: As you embark on this adventure, please remember to adhere to all traffic rules, use sidewalks and multi-use trails, and avoid blocking pathways. While navigating the downtown portion of the route, exercise caution and consider the community’s experience. Familiarize yourself with all race rules before the big day.

Race Route: Upon registration, you’ll receive your race day t-shirt, a goodie bag, and a team passport (one per team). The route comprises 20 challenges across 4 race zones. Although the challenges can be completed out of sequence, each zone must be finished in order, with all challenges in a zone completed before moving to the next one.

Challenges: At each challenge, follow these 3 steps: tackle the challenge, snap a selfie by the sponsor sign, and share online (remember to tag!) or email to Finally, collect your challenge sticker for the passport. Some challenges require both team members, for others you can choose one participant. Volunteers will be on hand to guide you, but we recommend reviewing the map and passport beforehand.

We can’t wait to see you! Let’s make this event unforgettable together.

Thank you to our sponsors