Winter Appeal Letter 2019

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Subscribe Donate   Winter, 2019 Dear Friend, The holidays are, for many people, a time for enjoying family gatherings, getting together with friends, lighting up a Christmas tree or Hanukkah candles, and gathering together over a meal to celebrate the personal meaning we find in the season. We take the kids to see Santa Claus,

Winter Newsletter 2019

Newsletter winter 2019
View as a PDF Subscribe   MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Hello Hundred Nights Supporters, As part of our quest for a newer, larger, and better facility, we have an exciting year planned! Hundred Nights (HN) bases our top programmatic goals on the work we are entering into as part of a newly formed collaborative

Thanksgiving Appeal Letter 2019

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Subscribe Donate   Dear Friend, Thanksgiving is a time when we reflect on the things for which we are grateful — family, friends, lots of food, a warm home. This year, Dawn and her cat Freddie have more to be thankful for than most of us can ever imagine. About three years ago, Dawn decided

Community Support

We continue to be very appreciative and grateful for the support Hundred Nights receives from individuals, schools, churches and various businesses in Keene and surrounding communities. These are the unsung heroes among us who subscribe to the notion of “love thy neighbor.” There have been hundreds of individuals and groups lending a helping hand this
Hello! While spring is just around the corner winter still holds a grip on our guests here at Hundred Nights. We have been at or near capacity every night since opening on November 12th. Some nights, before the Overflow site opened on December 30th, there were 30-32 guests for the 26 available beds – and

Community Solutions

Dear Community Members, There was a forum recently held at Keene State College called “Community Solutions: Addressing Homelessness in Keene.” The 3-hour long forum was open to the public and co-sponsored by the Greater Keene Homeless Coalition, of which Hundred Nights is a member agency. Meghan Arsenault delivered the evening’s keynote speech. She’s the research

Special Delivery

Special Delivery
We had a very special delivery arrive here on October 10th. An expectant mother gave birth here at Hundred Nights! She was not due to give birth for a couple of weeks, but the baby decided she wanted to be born. Another guest realized that the mother was in labor and called 911 and assisted
Subaru Share the Love
In mid- November 2017 until early January, 2018 we were chosen to be the local non-profit to receive funds from the annual Subaru Share the Love promotion. The promotion entailed car buyers choosing between four charities – three national and one local – to be the recipient of $250.00 for every car sold during that
In other news, we continue to search for a suitable building with a larger space to meet our needs. There are a few possibilities but nothing nailed down quite yet. We live in hope and we welcome any suggestions from anyone. *From the Spring 2018 Newsletter
Spring Has Sprung? Shelter Update… It may not seem like it yet since the temperatures are hardly Spring-like and it’s currently even snowing again (aaarrggghhh), but the calendar says it’s Spring. There are telltale signs for sure. Daffodils, tulips and crocus are peeking through the soil, albeit in some places also through the snow so
Our Spring and Shout fund raising dance was held on March 24th, 2018 at the Keene Country Club. It was a very successful event. In fact, it was a sellout! We danced, we laughed, we ate great food and the band was awesome! Special thanks to three of the Keene Dancing With The Stars couples
Keene Sentinel Editorial, April 15, 2018 The Hundred Nights shelter will “officially” close for the winter season in a day or two, and it’s fortunate it’s stayed open this long, given the poor prognostication powers of a certain Pennsylvania groundhog Feb. 2. Despite the unusual length of this winter season, Hundred Nights has had fewer

A Volunteer’s Perspective

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Like many others, I did, in all honesty have pre-judged notions about the homeless. However, I felt a calling to find out more. I wanted to help in whatever way I could. I signed up for training to be an intake volunteer and I committed to work one night a week during the 2015-2016 Cold
A huge Thank You to Greg Pregent for filming the documentary Hidden in Plain Sight – Homelessness in Keene, NH. Greg spent countless hours interviewing many community members as well as guests, staff and volunteers of Hundred Nights and the Southwest Community Services Shelters. His dedication to this project is admirable. Hundred Nights was the
Overnight shelter was provided between November 26, 2015 and April 15, 2016. 163 different individuals received 3,873 bed-nights of shelter during this time – 865 more bed-nights of shelter than the previous season! 112 of the shelter guests were male, 51 were female 6, or 4%, were under the age of 18 24, or 15%,
At the Open Doors Resource Center 527 unique individuals visited the Center 11,763 times – 335 guests were male, 192 were female, 17 were under age 18 and 18 were veterans. Assistance was provided to fill in applications for new services. As a result 6 people received food stamps, 4 signed up for Medicaid, 5
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Overnight shelter was provided between December 1, 2014 and April 15, 2015. 152 unique individuals received 3,008 bed-nights of shelter during that time. 107 of those guests were male, 45 were female, 6 were under the age of 13, and 9 were veterans. 128 of our guests, 84%, had an income of less than $10,000
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At the Open Doors Resource Center 308 unique individuals visited the Center 4,389 times – 207 guests were male, 101 were female, 10 were under age 18, 8 were veterans Assistance was provided to fill in applications for services. As a result 5 people received food stamp 3 signed up for Medicaid, 3 received Safe-Link