Giving Tuesday with Hundred Nights Inc 2018

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday with Hundred Nights

Help Us Reach for the Warmth of Home


With your help, families, along with other men and women who are experiencing homelessness, can find hope and help to make their way back to a life with stable housing and food. By sharing generously today, you can help them reach for the warmth of home again.

Fortunately, we live in a community that cares. That’s one of the many things that make this region special. Your support to Hundred Nights will help scores of our friends and neighbors get the assistance they need, whether it is shelter from the cold, help finding a job or getting food, connecting with agencies that can help with more severe issues, or just giving people a safe place to go and respectful, friendly faces to brighten a dark day. For a person who has lost everything, that can be enough to keep them going and get back on their feet.

Every gift you share will make a huge difference. A gift of $1,000 can keep people from living on the streets in the coldest days and nights of the winter. A gift of $500 can provide resources to help men and women get identification cards and apply for housing and other supports. And a gift of $100 can feed a family for days.

Imagine that you’re in your 60s and you need surgery. You’ve had a host of health problems over the years, but this time the doctors need to remove a blockage in your heart to restore proper blood flow to your brain. Surgery could drastically reduce the risk of a stroke.

It’s pretty serious, and afterward you’ll need time to recover. You’ll feel more tired than usual during the day and should rest often. Nurses might need to come check on you. All of this would be a lot for anyone to handle — but what if you don’t have somewhere to recover after the surgery? What if you don’t have a home where you can rest as needed and care for your body?

For one man, Cope, this “what-if” scenario was a reality. He underwent surgery this past June, and, in his own words, Hundred Nights saved his life. On April 24, the now year-round emergency shelter closed all but 16 beds, and Cope was one of the few people allowed to stay because turning them away could have had dire consequences.

Transportation volunteers gave him a ride to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Nashua for his surgery and brought him back afterward. Hundred Nights let him sleep during the day and invited his visiting nurses to come upstairs to help him recover.

Cope’s story is just one of many where Hundred Nights was there for people who had no other place to turn: a single mother of four, a veteran with alcoholism, a couple with a newborn baby, a man struggling with mental illness, an elderly woman whose basement flooded and her savings dried up. In his own words, “Hundred Nights saved me by giving me a place to stay when I was really in need.”

“It could happen to anyone” is an adage that can be difficult to grasp from the comfort of your home, far removed from these “what-ifs.” But all it takes is a lay-off, a natural disaster, a medical emergency to turn a hypothetical into a tragic reality.

For some people, it’s living on a limited income and steady bills, and then the car breaks down and there’s no money to repair it, or a medical situation that breaks the bank, or a lifelong personal battle with addiction, disability or mental illness that’s accompanied by a constant struggle to gain a sense of “normalcy” others might find with ease: go to work, pay rent, repeat. The stories are many.

For men, women and children in each situation, whether it’s a sudden or lifelong experience with homelessness, Hundred Nights serves as a beacon in the night – a hopeful stepping stone toward a stable life, not a last stop. Along with offering hot meals and a place to commune, the resource center helps people draft resumes, prep for job interviews, apply for housing and connect with other agencies.

Your gifts enable every individual in need to find shelter through Hundred Nights. Your donations keep people sheltered during the hottest and coldest nights, provide resources to get identification cards and feed families. Every gift makes a difference, and in some cases, saves a life.

Even as we enjoy the warmth of summer, remember that those without a home need our help no matter the time of year. For people like Cope, knowing that your generosity makes it possible for them to get back on their feet makes all the difference. Please give today so we can continue to be there when someone needs our help. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mindy Cambiar

P. S. As we know from our own experience, having a roof over our heads is not something we only do part of the year. The need for Hundred Nights is year-round. Please give as generously as you can, so we can help every family and individual in need.

Every gift you share will make a huge difference.

  • Donations of $1,000 can keep people from living on the streets in the coldest days and nights of the winter.
  • Donations of $500 can provide resources to help men and women get identification cards and apply for housing and other supports.
  • Donations of $100 can feed a family for days.

No matter what you can give, your gift will literally save lives. As these days get colder, please think about families and other men and women who need our help, and give as generously as you can. On behalf of people who have lost their homes or are on the edge of losing them – those whose voices are, many times, not heard – thank you for helping our friends and neighbors to reach for the warmth of home.

Join us on Tuesday, December 3 and help us make a difference.
Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable season.

You Can Help


On December 3, Facebook and PayPal are matching donations a total of up to $7 million on Facebook. You can help – you can create your own Facebook fundraiser to help, and make your donation early on the 27th.

In addition, from December 3 through December 31, PayPal Giving Fund will add 1% to all donations made through
When you donate you may post on social media with the hashtag #GivingTuesday and help spread the word.

Press Release Giving Tuesday with Hundred Nights, Inc.

About Hundred Nights, Inc.

Hundred Nights, Inc. is a cold weather shelter and resource center located in Keene, New Hampshire. Hundred Nights helps people year-round to regain the stability of a home, and to get the support they need for issues such as mental health challenges, substance use issues, abuse, unemployment, and basic health. It’s all about helping people to get back on their feet, and keeping people safe in the meantime. Visit to learn how you can help.

Giving Tuesday

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