We would like to thank all of you who have made a donation of soup to nuts, soap to socks, postage stamps to long johns, OR shown some other form of compassionate interaction with our guests here at Hundred Nights Inc. It is only because of your generosity that we can provide the services that we do.

Thank you to all that have helped so many in need from January 1, 2019 to the Present

1st Congregational Church of Swanzey

Abundant Grace Fellowship

Aime Thereux

Alouette Iselin

Alex & Frances Himmelberg

Amanda & Autumn

Amelie Gooding

Andrea Vickers-Sivret

Ann McBride


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Antioch University

Anton Schoolwerth

Arlene Seksinsky

B. Caswell

Beeze Tees

Bob Mitchell

Bonnie Dibiccari

Brenda & Sparky Von Plinsky


Carol Hill

Carol Hines

Carol Riel

Chris Cornell

Christine Andrade

Christine Wiseman

Church of Nazarene

Cindy Benner

Cindy Bergeron

Cindy Gero

City of Keene

Community Church of Harrisville & Chesham

Dakota Adams


Darlene Deane

Daughters of the American Revolution

Dave Hayward

David & Barbara Hook

Dave & Nancy Vesco

Deborah Nininger

Delta Phi Epsilon

Denene Rokes

Denise O’Connor

Dublin Community Church

DV Farm

Ed McCaul

Edie Powell

Elizabeth Kurowski

Ellie Hardy

Elm City Church

Frank Hunter


Fire Dog Breads

First Presbyterian Church of Antrim

Fred Black

Fred Gehrung

Freihofer’s Bakery Outlet

Friends of Hundred Nights

Fuller School

Gail Fleming

Gem Graphics

Greg Griffin

Howard Leatherman

Jaffrey Bible School

Jeanette Paige

Jennifer Bush

Jeannine Agard

Jerry St. Pierre

Jessica Chase

Joan MacBeth

Joanna Fenton

Joe Breckell

Josh Elloitt

John Brown

Judith & Anthony Olson

Julie Conroy

Kathy Frick

Kathy O’neil

Kathy Schultz

Keene Auto Body

Keene High School Interact

Kellie Painchaud

Kevin Barth

Kim Peavey

Kris Roberts

Krista Gilbert

Kyle Jarvis

Latisha Dilleshan

Laurie Tindell

Lee’s Bird Farm

Lee Mather

Lia Tyler

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Linda Cook

Linda McDougall

Linda Svok

Lisa Goodwin

Longhorn Steakhouse

Madison Sarno

Mal & Jean Perkins

Marcia Barrett

Mark Ferrin & Ivy Merrill

Mark Williams

Mary Pleasanton

Michelle Gaffny

Monadnock Roller Derby

Monadnock Waldorph School

Morgan Services

Nancy McGartland

NBT Bank

New Chapter, Inc

Nichole Green

Nicola’s Trattoria

Nicole O’hara

Nye Hill Farm

Paul & Susan Henkel

Peavey Hunter Family

Peter & Linda Griesbach

Peter Wright & Becky Haskins

Peterborough UMC

Phil Shaw

Phyllis McK

Pizza Down Under

Richard Meyer

Riley-Hoffman Family

Roberta Gianferran

Rochelle Misner

Robert Santino

Ron Witzke

Rowland Purrell

Roy Swain

Rudy Fedrizzi

Ryan Gilbert

Sail Fleming

Sally Hansel

Sally Miller

Sam Exel

Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters

Sandi Boucher

Sandy Cates

Sandy Talor

Sarah Patriquin

Sonia Kibbee

Sport Source

St. Bernards Church

St. James Church

St. Joseph’s School

St. Vincent

Stage Hands Inc.

Sue Walthour

Sullivan Congregational Church

Susan Lucia

Suzanne Morin

Symonds School

Tabitha Sipler

Tammy Barrett

Ted’s Shoe & Sport

The Vacuum Store

Timoleon’s Restaurant

Tina Burgess

Tina Fletcher

Tisha Dilleshaw

Tricia Miller

Trinity Lutheran Church

United Church of Christ Keene

Urban Exchange


Vanessa Gorman Dow

Village Church

Wes Parrott

Winston & Sherry Sims


thank you