How You Help – Lemonade Stand and Tshirt Fundraiser

Corbin and Kelsey wanted to raise money for the homeless, so they decided to have a lemonade stand in their neighborhood. They raised $102.00 for Hundred Nights! Thank you so much!
lemonade stand

The attached photo and note are from an 8 year old supporter of Hundred Nights. Her grandmother told her about the BullDog T-shirt promotion, where the cost of the shirt got split between BullDog, who printed the shirts, and the organization represented on the shirt. She sent her granddaughter a shirt and received the attached letter with $20 in it for Hundred Nights, $5 for grandma (who donated it to HN) and a picture of herself in the shirt!

Bulldog tshirt noteBulldog tshirt girl

Thank you to everyone who ordered from the Grey Tshirt Fundraiser!

*photos posted with permission

thank you

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  1. Kesley & Corbin, Aunt Cathy is so proud of both of you. A chip off the old block. You’re community service is outstanding!🥰

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