Hundred Nights Inc Annual Report 2018-2019

Please enjoy our Annual Report for 2018-2019!
Annual Report

Annual Report for 2018-2019

Hundred Nights
Reaching for the Warmth of Home
Cold Weather Shelter & Open Doors Resource Center
A Monadnock United Way Agency

JULY 1, 2018 – JUNE 30,2019

Providing Shelter & Services to Those in Need

Cold Weather Shelter
November 15 – April 15
Emergency Shelter
April 15 – November 15
on a case-by-case basis
A year-round Resource Center

• A clean bed in a warm and safe space
• Job and Housing listings
• Access to phone, computer and fax
• Laundry facilities
• Foot Care Program
• Personal Care Products and Clothing
• Help with obtaining legal IDs
• Weekday lunch and weekend dinners
• Self-help programs
(ie Anger management, budgeting, etc)
• Help with Food Stamp, Medicaid, Housing applications
• Help with transportation to appointments
• Referrals to other agencies and programs who assist people in need, ie: SCS, Service Link, MFS, HCS, Community Kitchen, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, City Express, DHHS, City & Town Human Services Offices, and more…
Helping at-risk and
homeless individuals and families with

The Mission of Hundred Nights, Inc. is to provide shelter and crisis related services to the displaced or homeless. Our goal is to collaborate with and enable the community to see, hear, and support those among us who are equally deserving of dignity, but who currently lack the means to live independently. Our vision is a community where all people, regardless of means, are equally valued and supported.

Every individual in the Cheshire County area will have access to appropriate, stable housing so they can live safe, productive and satisfying lives and be respected members of their community.

1. Hundred Nights, Inc. believes that self-sufficiency can only be realized for those suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, illiteracy, chronic unemployment, or incarceration when the public and the business community come together to treat people with respect and support.
2. Hundred Nights, Inc. believes that all people are worthy, have a story to tell, and should be heard.
3. Hundred Nights, Inc. operates to minimize the devastating impact that homelessness creates for individuals and the community by providing a continuum of shelter options, housing referrals, health care, and educational services.
4. Hundred Nights, Inc. acts to build and maintain the strength of our leadership, the skills and motivation of our staff, and the active engagement of our guests as essential ingredients in order to strengthen our communities.

1. Results: We are accountable for achieving excellence through measurable, thoughtful, and meaningful outcomes.
2. Integrity: We foster an environment of transparency and honesty that is built on respect and openness.
3. Community: We seek locally driven solutions that incorporate the views of our various stakeholders and audiences, building on diversity as a strength, and working in partnership with others to achieve results.

Thank you so much to all of you who have made gifts to support Hundred Nights. I can’t tell you how much your support means to the men, women and children who come to Hundred Nights because we help give them hope for a brighter future.
For those who have no home, whether a man who has lost his job and can no longer pay his rent or a woman and children who had to leave an abusive situation, being newly homeless in our community can be frightening. For those suffering with multiple issues such as mental illness or substance misuse, the added burden of homelessness can quickly become life-threatening. But it doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to those who lend a hand through their support of Hundred Nights.
The hope you give through your simple act of caring can help those who seek a safe home get back on their feet. The support they receive year-round through Hundred Nights, whether shelter in the cold or access to a computer and assistance applying for jobs, helps hundreds of people of all ages to get back on a path to a warm, safe home.
Thank you all for being a part of our community – your generosity will change and save lives, giving hope to those among us who are working to regain the warmth of home.

The Shelter and Resource Center are here to provide immediate, compassionate assistance to people struggling with homelessness, including:
1. Basic Needs are Met – a bed, a shower, laundry facilities, haircuts, weekday breakfast and lunch food, weekend dinners, personal care items and clothing
2. Educational Opportunities and Referrals to other community resources and services – Workshops and classes are held on topics ranging from financial education, job and life skills and anger management to bicycle repair, nutrition, art and music therapy and counseling either at Hundred Nights or at other agencies
3. Assist clients with applications for affordable/subsidized housing, programs that help provide first month’s rent or security deposits, and benefits such as Medicaid and Food Stamps.
4. Assist with obtaining birth certificates, Social Security cards, ID’s, and documentation of financial income and benefits received

Safe and permanent housing can give people the stability they need to organize their lives, improve their health, and address any underlying issues such as mental health or substance use disorder. The entire community benefits when everyone has stable, affordable housing. People who are chronically homeless often make extensive use of public services, such as shelters, hospitals, emergency rooms, jails and prisons, all at a great cost to the community. Permanent, supportive housing decreases the use of all these public services, which reduces the need for public funding.
Hundred Nights, Inc. is now in a collaborative relationship with Southwestern Community Services and Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention to work together on all of the above and a Housing First initiative.

Jul 2018 31 1
Aug 31 4
Sep 30 8
Oct 31 7
Nov 30 19
Dec 2018 31 26
Jan 2019 31 32
Feb 28 38
Mar 31 31
Apr 30 20
May 31 11
Jun 2019 30 13

Jul 2018 1009 33
Aug 1100 35
Sep 948 32
Oct 1143 37
Nov 1115 37
Dec 2018 1142 37
Jan 2019 1285 41
Feb 1240 44
Mar 1203 39
Apr 1247 42
May 1232 40
Jun 2019 12890 30

*26 available beds in Hundred Nights Facility.
Jan, Feb, Mar overflow adds 12 beds, 20 beds available May–Oct.

Total unique individuals served: 645

Hundred Nights Statistics

People Stayed In Shelter
2016 187
2017 202
2018 207

People Visited Resource Center
2016 588
2017 581
2018 623

Shelter Bed-Nights
2016 3917
2017 5602
2018 5064

Visits to Resource Center
2016 13868
2017 13494
2018 12878

Federal Poverty Line (FPL) 2018
Guests between 150% and 200% of FPL 5 2%
Guests between 100% and 150% of FPL 33 6%
Guests at or below 100% of FPL 539 92%

Age of Guests 2018
Under age 18 7%
Over age 56 12%
Age 36-55 36%
Age 18-35 45%

Circumstances of Guests 2018
Veterans 4%
Disabled 11%
People in Families with Children 22%
All Others 63%

Hundred Nights, Inc.
PO Box 833
17 Lamson Street
Keene, NH 03431
Phone: 603.352.5197
Fax: 603.352.9601
Facebook: HundredNightsHomelessShelter

Our Financial Donors
We would like to thank all of you who have made a monetary donation to Hundred Nights Inc. It is only because of your generosity that we can provide the services that we do.
Many thanks to all of the following financial donors from January 1, 2019 to the present:

*Many anonymous donors
Abundant Grace Fellowship Church
Across The Board Graphic Design
Adam Wilcox
Adine Gottlieb Aldrich
Alan Fisher
Albert & Karen Weisswange
Alex & Frances Himmelberg
Allison Randall
Allison Riley
Alvin Nix
Amer Electric
Anderson & Gilbert Inc.
Anne McBride
Annie Fernandez
Anonymous Donors
Asher Clark
Barbara Chase
Ben Tilton
Bergeron Construction Co., Inc.
Beth Smith & Jeffrey Enright
Bill Chatfield
Bluestocking Book Club
Brackett Geosciences
Brian & Reinette Reilly
Bruce Clement
C&S Wholesale Grocers
Carbone’s Windown & Awning
Carl & Ruth Jacobs
Carl Blicker
Carllin & Melissa Stewart
Carol & Robert Hill
Carol Yadeta
Catherine & William Hanrahan
Christina Furlone
Christine Wold
Christopher Betts
Church Women United of Cheshire County
Cindy Gero
Clara Frechette
Clark-Mortenson Agency, Inc.
Constance & John Van Kiek
Constance Joyce
County of Cheshire
Craig & Sylvia Mcbeth
Craig McBeth
Cynthia & John Dejnak
Dan & Louise Rath
Dance Party People
Davis Wealth Management, LLC
Dead River Company
Dennis Huston
Despres & Associates, Inc.
Donald Gillis & Margaret Kasschau
Donna C. Kidd
Doug Scribner
Dublin Community Church
Earl Brock
Elizabeth Dinowitz
Elizabeth Kurowski
Elizabeth Price
Ellen Cline
Elyse Bianchet
Engelberth Construction
Erik & Lindsay Pattison
Everett & Stephanie Hosking
Fenton Family Dealerships
Fidelity Charitable
Frances Shippee
Francoise Gooding
Fred & Beverly Black
Fred Gehrung
Free Talk Live
G & R Auto Works
Gar-Wal Lawn Service Inc.
George Preston
George Scott Jr.
Gerald Burns & Ruth Arjona
Grab Bag Entertainment
Great Brook Vet Clinic
Green Energy Options
Greenwald Realty
Gregory Croteau
Hank & Suzanne Bause
Harrisville Designs
Henry Franke
Herm Botzow
J. Villemaire
Jacqueline Metivier
Jan Manwaring
Jane & Leslie Pitts
Jane Cunningham
Janet Jackson
Jeffrey & Linda Rubin
Jennifer Gomarlo
Jennifer O’Mara
Jim & Nancy Hall
Joann & Steve Hertford
John & Constance Schlegelmilch
John Bordenet & Rose Kundanis
John E. Hoffman Jr.
Johnson & Johnson
Joseph & Donna Calabro
Joyce Schofield
Judith Hildebrandt
Karen Johnson
Kathi Borden & Greg Blair
Kathryn Harper
Kathy Austin
Keene Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Inc
Keene Mini Storage
Ken & Claudia Harvey
Kenneth & Carol Jue
Kristen Petricolo
Larry Casey Jr.
Larry Colby & Marylee Cyr
Leona Gordon
Leonard Fleischer & Erika Radich
Liebert Investment Management LLC
Lindsay K. Taflas
Lindsey Bashelor
Lisa Sieverts
Little Greens
Louise & A.Richard Slayton
Louise Rath
Lucy Shonk
Lydia Agnello & David Mosall
Lynn Rust & Company CPA
Marcia A. French
Margaret McMahon
Margot Close
Mark & Amanda Fryberger
Mark & Barbara Mervine
Mary & Bronson Shonk
Mary & John LewisMarlow United Methodist Church
Mary Mackey
Maryann Kristiansen
Mascoma Bank
Masiello Insurance Agency Inc.
Megan Burke Kidder
Mike & Kathy Blair
Molly Lane
Monadnock Regional High School
Nadine Swahnberg
Nancy & Roger Hansen
Nancy & William Gillard
Nancy Browning
Nelson Congregational Church
Network for Good
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Nissan of Keene
Norma Slanetz
Patricia Dugger
Paul & Dorothy Crosby
Paul Hoffman
Pauline A. Dionne
Peggy Kerbaugh
Philip Wyzik
Pinney Plumbing & Heating
Planet Aid Inc.
Prime Roast Coffee
Quality Care Collision
Radenhausen & O’Neill Inc.
Raqul Hoefgen-Harvey
Re/Max Town & Country
READ Computer Solutions, LLC
Rebecca Haskins
Richard & Marian Hamilton
Richard & Mary Heckman
Rob Curtis
Robert & Gail Fleming
Robert & Mary Rooney
Robert Lee Johndrow
Robert Sherwin
Roberta A. Gianferrari & Friends
Robin Christopherson
Rodney & Margaret Richmond
Roger & Janice Peterson
Roger Tyler
Rudy Fedrizzi & Heidi Rineheart
Sally Ripley
Sandra Whippie
Sandy & David Kochman
Savings Bank of Walpole
Sherry & Bob Guardiano
Shire Free Church
Signe & Christopher Flieger
SS Painting & Decorating
St. James Church
Stacy Fox
Stage Hands Inc.
Sterling Studios LLC
Steve & Jennie Gryczka
Susan & Gary Tochterman
Susan & Mark Strickland
Susan & Martin Hansmeier
Susan & Peter Moran
Susan Kretchman & Earl Horn
TFG Tree-Free, Inc.
The Chimney Specialists
Theodore & Barbara Quadrini
Thomas & Carolyn Antrim
Thomas & Sharon Dowling
Tim Small Sales LLC
Tobias & Brenna Iselin
Top Quality Care & Maintenance
Town of Chesterfield
Town of Harrisville
Town of Jaffrey
Town of Marlborough
Town of Nelson
Town of New Ipswich
Town of Richmond
Town of Sullivan
Tracey Martin
Truck Camper Warehouse, Inc.
Tufts Health Plan Foundation
UCC Church Specified Activities
Uliana Campbell
Ultimate Accessories LLC
Vicki Gragen
Virginia & Patrick McManus
Viviane Ptak
Walpole Veterinary Hospital
Weller & Michal Architects
Wells Memorial School
Wesfield Construction
Westmoreland Ladies Aid Society Church
Willard Goodwin
William & Anne Moyle
William & Carolyn Shannon
William & Jacqueline Cleary
William Allen
Winston & Sherry Sims
Yankee Publishing, Inc.
Yvonne Spalthoff

Branwen Gregory – Board Chair
Cindy Sterling – Board Vice Chair
Brian Conefrey
Chuck Mobilia
Dick Newton – Treasurer
Doug Iosue
Jan Manwaring
Jan Peterson
Jim Duffy
Nancy Newton
Peter Starkey
Roberta Fraser
Tamara Barrett
Teresa Starkey – Secretary

Mindy Cambiar

We are able to accept donations in several ways:
Through the mail, checks and money orders payable to “Hundred Nights, Inc.”, mail to PO Box 833, Keene, NH 03431
Come visit us at 17 Lamson St, Keene, NH 03431 – the Resource Center is downstairs, the Office and Shelter are upstairs – take a tour if you like!
Become a donor through the Hundred Nights, Inc. website – go to our Donate page, where you will be connected to Paypal. It’s quick, and easy and helps us out tremendously!

Our In-Kind Donors
We would like to thank all of you who have made a donation of soup to nuts, soap to socks, postage stamps to long johns, OR shown some other form of compassionate interaction with our guests here at Hundred Nights Inc. It is only because of your generosity that we can provide the services that we do.

Thank you to all that have helped so many in need from January 1, 2019 to the Present:

*Many anonymous donors
1st Congregational Church of Swanzey
Abundant Grace Fellowship
Aime Thereux
Alex & Frances Himmelberg
Alouette Iselin
Amanda & Autumn
Amelie Gooding
Andrea Vickers-Sivret
Ann McBride
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Antioch University
Anton Schoolwerth
Arlene Seksinsky
B. Caswell
Beeze Tees
Bob Mitchell
Bonnie Dibiccari
Brenda & Sparky Von Plinsky
Carol Hill
Carol Hines
Carol Riel
Chris Cornell
Christine Andrade
Christine Wiseman
Church of Nazarene
Cindy Benner
Cindy Bergeron
Cindy Gero
City of Keene
Community Church of Harrisville & Chesham
Dakota Adams
Darlene Deane
Daughters of the American Revolution
Dave & Nancy Vesco
Dave Hayward
David & Barbara Hook
Deborah Nininger
Delta Phi Epsilon
Denene Rokes
Denise O’Connor
Dublin Community Church
DV Farm
Ed McCaul
Edie Powell
Elizabeth Kurowski
Ellie Hardy
Elm City Church
Fire Dog Breads
First Presbyterian Church of Antrim
Frank Hunter
Fred Black
Fred Gehrung
Freihofer’s Bakery Outlet
Friends of Hundred Nights
Fuller School
Gail Fleming
Gem Graphics
Greg Griffin
Howard Leatherman
Jaffrey Bible School
Jeanette Paige
Jeannine Agard
Jennifer Bush
Jerry St. Pierre
Jessica Chase
Joan MacBeth
Joanna Fenton
Joe Breckell
John Brown
Josh Elloitt
Judith & Anthony Olson
Julie Conroy
Kathy Frick
Kathy O’neil
Kathy Schultz
Keene Auto Body
Keene High School Interact
Kellie Painchaud
Kevin Barth
Kim Peavey
Kris Roberts
Krista Gilbert
Kyle Jarvis
Latisha Dilleshan
Laurie Tindell
Lee Mather
Lee’s Bird Farm
Lia Tyler
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Linda Cook
Linda McDougall
Linda Svok
Lisa Goodwin
Longhorn Steakhouse
Madison Sarno
Mal & Jean Perkins
Marcia Barrett
Mark Ferrin & Ivy Merrill
Mark Williams
Mary Pleasanton
Michelle Gaffny
Monadnock Roller Derby
Monadnock Waldorph School
Morgan Services
Nancy McGartland
NBT Bank
New Chapter, Inc
Nichole Green
Nicola’s Trattoria
Nicole O’Hara
Nye Hill Farm
Paul & Susan Henkel
Peavey Hunter Family
Peter & Linda Griesbach
Peter Wright & Becky Haskins
Peterborough UMC
Phil Shaw
Phyllis McK
Pizza Down Under
Richard Meyer
Riley-Hoffman Family
Robert Santino
Roberta Gianferran
Rochelle Misner
Ron Witzke
Rowland Purrell
Roy Swain
Rudy Fedrizzi
Ryan Gilbert
Sail Fleming
Sally Hansel
Sally Miller
Sam Exel
Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters
Sandi Boucher
Sandy Cates
Sandy Talor
Sarah Patriquin
Sonia Kibbee
Sport Source
St. Bernards Church
St. James Church
St. Joseph’s School
St. Vincent
Stage Hands Inc.
Sue Walthour
Sullivan Congregational Church
Susan Lucia
Suzanne Morin
Symonds School
Tabitha Sipler
Tammy Barrett
Ted’s Shoe & Sport
The Vacuum Store
Timoleon’s Restaurant
Tina Burgess
Tina Fletcher
Tisha Dilleshaw
Tricia Miller
Trinity Lutheran Church
United Church of Christ Keene
Urban Exchange
Vanessa Gorman Dow
Village Church
Wes Parrott
Winston & Sherry Sims

Hundred Nights, Inc. is made possible by the generosity of the donors, volunteers, and other supporters. We very much appreciate the support of our community.

Monadnock United Way
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
City of Keene New Hampshire
The many towns of Cheshire County

Touch A Truck – *canceled 2019
Holiday Auction – December 14, 2019
Memorial Vigil – December 21, 2019
Spring and Shout Dance – March 2020
Open House – November 2, 2019

Hello Hundred Nights Supporters,
As part of our quest for a newer, larger, and better facility, we have an exciting year planned!
Hundred Nights (HN) bases our top programmatic goals on the work we are entering into as part of a newly formed collaborative called the Cheshire County Emergency Housing Collaborative (CCEHC). Together with Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention and Southwestern Community Services, we created this collaboration to apply for Monadnock United Way funding going forward and most importantly to work better together for our clients. CCEHC will offer a continuum of services to homeless persons and those individuals and families experiencing housing instability by implementing three best practice strategies: Low Barrier, Trauma Informed Care, and Housing First.
HN, as part of CCEHC, will use the best practices listed above to accomplish three goals:
(1) Provide emergency shelter services and basic needs to those in crisis. HN will keep its shelter open year-round and maintain an adequate supply of basic food, personal care items, clothing; provide haircuts, showers and laundry facilities; and an active referral network to pertinent community resources. An emergency shelter is a building block to regaining self-sufficiency.
(2) Provide educational opportunities for those at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness. We will hold classes in financial education, tenancy, life skills, resume writing and interview skills, anger management, tobacco cessation, bicycle repair, parenting, literacy, GED and job skills. The three agencies, as well as interns and volunteers from the community, will provide counseling services, access to dental health, nutrition, art therapy, movement, and more.
(3) Increase clients’ financial stability by accessing available federal, state, and local housing resources. CCEHC members, including HN, will provide housing-focused case management and will utilize a community-based
coordinated entry system. The coordinated entry system is designed to optimize a client’s ability to obtain appropriate housing resources:
a. Assistance with applications for affordable or subsidized housing providers and first month’s rent/security deposits.
b. Obtaining required forms for housing providers ie identification cards, SS cards, and birth certificates.
c. Gather income and benefits verifications
Hundred Nights Strategic Business Plan 2019-2022 contains three organizational goals:
1. Increase the community’s understanding of the cause and effects of homelessness and increase support from the community for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
2. Ensure that HN has a sustainable business and financial model that enables us to carry out our mission, while identifying and obtaining a safe facility that meets the needs of those we serve, is financially sustainable, and affirms the respect of the larger community, the staff, and those we serve.
3. Ensure that the programs offered by HN provide optimum services for those we serve, and that those individuals who are at risk of becoming homeless, or are currently homeless, receive sufficient services from HN to allow them to maximize their potential.
These programmatic and organizational goals and objectives are essential if Hundred Nights is to be successful. We look forward to your engagement and support in this adventure. If you would like to be part of our new Advocacy Committee, please let us know!
Mindy Cambiar
Executive Director

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