Julie’s Story


Julie (not her real name) was homeless almost 9 months – couch surfing and staying with friends are not the same as having your own home. When the day came that she had no place to go Julie was provided shelter by SCS in their family shelter space. While she was staying at the family shelter Julie, who was unemployed at the time, often came to the Open Doors Resource Center during the day. As she says, the resource center was and is a welcoming place where she can do/did many things:

  • she accessed the newest job postings and, after we got to know her, a reference letter
  • she was helped with an online search for housing * she was given transportation and funding to get a nondriver ID (you need an ID to get a job)
  • she was signed up for the Affordable Care Act program
  • she received personal care products as needed
  • she was assisted in filling in an application for an eye exam and glasses through the Lions Club, which she received
  • she was provided some transportation to look at apartments
  • she participated in some afternoon programs, such as journal writing

Julie found part-time work at a local restaurant and was then approved by SCS to receive help with a security deposit and rent money. Soon after she found an apartment to move into and a landlord willing to work with her. She was then the recipient of the donation of household items by Hundred Nights donors to get her on her feet. While everything is not all roses, Julie is much further ahead of her previous situation, and is working hard to stay there. She still thinks of the people at the Open Doors Resource Center as part of her family, and most recently has started volunteering at some of the fundraising events!

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