Resource Center Statistics Spring 2015

christmas cold friends

christmas cold friends

  • At the Open Doors Resource Center 308 unique individuals visited the Center 4,389 times – 207 guests were male, 101 were female, 10 were under age 18, 8 were veterans
  • Assistance was provided to fill in applications for services. As a result 5 people received food stamp 3 signed up for Medicaid, 3 received Safe-Link phones, 6 received Birth Certificates, 10 received new non-driver’s ID’s from the DMV, and 58 referrals were made to other agencies
  • Hundreds of personal care and clothing items were distributed
  • 8 tents and 10 sleeping bags were given to those in need of them at the end of the shelter season
  • 10 free haircuts were provided by local barber, John Magyar, once a month
  • An average of 2 loads of laundry were done each day for guests of the Resource Center
  • 1,345 Tailgate and Open Mic Dinners were served on Saturday and Sunday evenings
  • Total Volunteer Hours for RC Programs, Tailgate and Open Mic Dinners = 1,345

January 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015

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