Success: Rosemary

Rosemarys Story

Rosemarys Story

Rosemary, 71, first came to Hundred Nights (HN) in March, 2018. She owned a house in Cheshire County, and was living on a small, fixed income. In January, while Rosemary was hospitalized, she ran out of fuel oil and her pipes burst. She couldn’t afford the repairs needed, and her house was deemed uninhabitable by the town. Rosemary found herself homeless for the first time ever. After asking various people what to do, she arrived by taxi at HN, where she was reassured that she could stay for as long as she needed, even though the shelter was closing for the season on April 15.

When Rosemary got to HN, she was anxious about her situation and worried about her cat. The people who had been cat sitting couldn’t keep the cat any longer. One of the “Friends of Hundred Nights” offered to foster Casper while things were topsy-turvy in Rosemary’s life. Casper was brought in to visit often, which was very uplifting for her.

While staying at the HN Shelter, Rosemary had access to three meals a day, laundry facilities, personal care items, a shower, and clothing. Rosemary was connected to the SCS Fuel Assistance and Weatherization programs. HN called her neighbors, who agreed to visit and bring her mail. It became obvious that the extent of the work needed on the house was too great. Phone calls were made to disconnect utilities. Rosemary was then connected with Legal Aid, Elderly Services, and the DHHS to see what services were available to her. HN worked to set up appointments, arranged transportation and helped with paperwork. After months, Rosemary decided to explore selling the house to look for an apartment. All she wanted was to be in a home with her cat. After several visits with her neighbors, they asked Rosemary if she would like to live with them, and offered to help her sell her property and find an apartment.

It took until July, but Rosemary is now in an apartment she can afford, living with Casper the cat. The neighbors brought her in for a visit at Hundred Nights. It looks like she got her happy ending.

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  1. Thank you to HN, the director, staff, and volunteers. This story shows that homelessness can happen to anyone. I’m so glad that there is a place for everyone who needs help can go. Please share with everyone you know.

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