ACT NOWWe are coming up in front of the Zoning Board in Keene TONIGHT.

If there was any chance that you would send in an email to the ZBA today, if you haven’t already, expressing support of our project it would be most appreciated. I have put a liitle blurb below in case you want more info:

Hundred Nights is reaching out for support as we move forward to more effectively address the complex needs of the homeless individuals and families in our community. With the pandemic many of these needs have become more acute and our ability to meet them is limited. Hundred Nights has a four-pronged approach to address these needs.

There is currently CARES Act grant money available for our shelter to:
Modify current shelter space on Lamson St so that air quality can be improved and barriers can be built between beds and eating tables, providing a bigger safety net for the 24 people who could stay here.
Help purchase the property at 122/124 Water St in Keene as our future permanent location. After a variance is approved, phase 1 of the Water St project is to convert the current cement block building into a Resource Center which can be used this winter. Phase 2 consists of removing other existing outbuildings and eventually build a two-story shelter that would safely distance people, provide more private family spaces and more bathrooms/showers. The Variance is on the Zoning Board schedule on Sept 8th.

Money is also available for Hundred Nights to lease a facility from Jan 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 (only) as a shelter/sleeping decompression site. The owner of the building at 15 King Ct is willing to work with us, and has signed and submitted the application for a Change in Non-Conforming Use which will also be brought before the Zoning Board on Sept 8th.

St James Church has offered the use of their Thrift Store space as decompression space for the Lamson St Resource Center.

Securing a variance for the property on Water St. and the change in non-conforming use on King Court would be huge steps forward in responding to the diverse and complex needs of our homeless community.
Here is how you can help:

Write a short letter of support addressed to the Zoning Board of Adjustment which must be submitted by today. A sample letter is below. Your letter will need to be emailed to communitydevelopment@ci.keene.nh.us. In the subject line please put ZBA.

The public will have the opportunity to speak: raise your hand, state your name, address and make a simple, short statement in support of the variance. Here is the link to the 6:30 pm zoom: This meeting will be conducted using the online meeting platform, Zoom. info on how to access this meeting is available on the Zoning Board of Adjustment webpage at ci.keene.nh.us/zoning-board-adjustment. (Scroll down to Agendas for the meeting details.) If you encounter any issues accessing this meeting, please call 603-757-0622. We expect this meeting to be long, as there are 6 items on the agenda including HN’s two requests.


Sample of email letter to send:

Sept 8, 2020

Keene Zoning Board
3 Washington St
Keene, NH 03431

Dear ZBA members,

I am writing in support of (or I am not opposed to) the variance for the proposed Hundred Nights project to purchase the property at 122-124 Water St in Keene to be its new permanent location. I am also in support of the change in non-conforming use at 15 King Ct. so that Hundred Nights can lease the space as a decompression space until June, 2022.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
[insert name, address, phone]

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