Reaching for the Warmth of Home

Hundred Nights Success Stories

Success: Michelle’s Story

Michelle and her three children, Nadia, age 16, Joel, age 14 and Khalid, age 7, first came to Keene in December 2019. Michelle’s husband had been deported 5 years earlier, leaving her with three children ages 2-11 and no income, since she had not been working since the birth of their third child. Michelle had

Success: Deryck’s Story

Each of us goes through cycles in our lives – sometimes high points, and sometimes not so much. One young man, Deryck, has gone through a lifetime of ups and downs in the past couple of years, but thanks to Hundred Nights and Deryck’s own commitment to turning his life around, he is finally doing

Success: Rosemary

Rosemarys Story
Rosemary, 71, first came to Hundred Nights (HN) in March, 2018. She owned a house in Cheshire County, and was living on a small, fixed income. In January, while Rosemary was hospitalized, she ran out of fuel oil and her pipes burst. She couldn’t afford the repairs needed, and her house was deemed uninhabitable by

Success Story: Joe Z

On February 16, 2015 the police came to Hundred Nights Cold Weather Shelter with “a situation” that involved a retired gentleman, aged 68, on a fixed income. Joe Z. was a recent transplant to the area, leaving his retirement home down south to be closer to his family, as he missed his grandchildren. He had
David & Liz's kids
Last fall, a family of four found many helping hands here in Keene. David T., a millwright welder, was staying with his brother in Keene while both were working in a contracted position welding wind turbines. He was sending money to his pregnant spouse, Elizabeth E., and their two children, who were living in Florida