Testimonial: Mary C

I have 6 grandchildren and over the years we have come to eat and do programs. The children get a healthy, balanced meal. My family enjoys meeting other families with children. We enjoy the Holiday programs with Santa. These Holiday programs connect my grandchildren and we are able to have quality time, and greet and meet new people with children and grandchildren. Over the years there have been cookouts and other programs, and my family loves this.

I do the hiking program hiking with Jeff with a group of others. This is so refreshing, safe, fun, and therapeutic. We can go at our own pace, we can talk, listen, or just be in the moment – and none of us are alone. This is just a wonderful program. As for me, I have no one else to do these activities with as a group fun activity, so this is great. This brings us all closer and none of us are singled out. My grandchildren just love Hundred Nights programs.

I gained my self-esteem back being happy. I’ve seen the Hundred Nights (staff) treat all of us as one, no one is singled out, and no one is treated better than anyone else. You’re always going to get one bad apple, but this shouldn’t ruin it for the rest of us. That is not fair or right.

Many of us come here just to sit, visit, or just relax. We’re all family. We’re all friends. Any time one needs assistance to talk, or needs help with appointments, or searching job applications, Hundred Nights staff are here to help you. If you need clothing, socks, to do your laundry, bathroom stuff, or women or men stuff, this is a great place to come to. Sometimes the shower is available. We can come here to stay dry out of the rain and warm from the freezing cold. We also come here to feel safe and not alone.

I am appreciative and grateful for Hundred Nights. I come here to eat breakfast daily when the Unitarian Church doesn’t have breakfast. This helps my sugar level not drop and helps me maintain a healthy, balanced breakfast on a daily basis.

I also eat lunch daily, weekend dinners, and Sunday breakfast at the Resource Center when The Community Kitchen is closed. Without Hundred Nights providing meals, I’d go hungry, living on a low income and financially struggling. I have gained weight. I feel healthier. My hair isn’t breaking all the time. Over all I’m healthier. My moods have improved. I just over all don’t feel sick anymore.
Some people here talk about their life stories because they need to be heard or need to not be judged. Others mind their own business. At Hundred Nights, Mindy, Jeff, Carol and Lesley welcome all with a warm welcome and a friendly smile. “How are you?” “Are you okay?” “How may we help you?” “Can we help you?” They direct you in the right direction to other programs and agencies. I do the afternoon anger management program where I learn the skills to control my anger, how to go with anger and work with it. I also do therapy sessions where I learn to be happy again, gain control of my life again and work on my self-esteem.

Without the help and support of Hundred Nights, many of us would be hungry and sleeping out in the frigid weather. Hundred Nights takes care of us when we can’t take care of ourselves. Hundred Nights saves us when we can’t save ourselves. If we all pull together we can make this program an even better, safer place.

Mary C

Testimonial: Hundred Nights helps me stay warm, feeds me, clothes me, and gives me a place to stay

christmas cold friends

Hundred Nights helps me stay warm, feeds me, clothes me, and gives me a place to stay in the winter time if I need one. Hundred Nights helps us with whatever they can help us with, like now they are trying to help me apply to get a disability check for my cancer and my bad knee. They are the best place in Keene that helps the homeless. If Hundred Nights shut down there would be way more people back in jail and more crime. This place is the best place for our town. I hope we can work together to keep it open.

Prefers to be anonymous

Testimonial: Skylar D


100 Nights is a place made up of good people helping the ones who need it. They give people a warm, dry place to stay. They give food and drinks (beverages) to help out people who are having a really hard time. They give us clothes. They are a really big help to this world. They support and take care of people. If you need a warm place, food, etc., they welcome all. They are a big help to everyone. They are caring and loving.

Skylar D

Testimonial: Hundred Nights has provided me a safe, secure, place


Hundred Nights has provided me a safe, secure, place to go when I needed protection from a former boyfriend. I had a court protection order and I did not know what state of mind he was going to be in after being released from jail. Mindy, Jeff, Carol and Lesley all gave me help and support.

Hundred Nights is a great place of support for people like me. I’ve never had this type of protection.

Prefers to be anonymous

Testimonial: Johnathan S

100 Nights helps me with food and clothes and coffee. I can come and get help with so many things. I feel without them I wouldn’t be strong. They are all my friends and help me. They are helping me and when the weather is bad I have a warm, dry place to go. They help so many people out and I am more than thankful for all these people.

Johnathan S

Testimonial: Chuck Mobilia


“Since a friend introduced me to Hundred Nights 3 years ago, I have been a volunteer. I never realized there was an issue in the Keene area that the shelter addresses, probably because I was not very observant. The shelter’s staff and volunteers are a dedicated and compassionate group of people. It has been wonderful experience working with them and has been enlightening. No matter the circumstances that bring the guests to Hundred Nights, they deserve to be treated with compassion, respect and dignity. Their stories need to be heard. Thanks to its supporters and donors, Hundred Nights will continue to offer their services. I hope Hundred Nights guests have been helped as much as knowing them has helped me.”
– Chuck Mobilia, Shelter Intake Volunteer