Reaching for the Warmth of Home

Hundred Nights Testimonials

Testimonial: Mary C

I have 6 grandchildren and over the years we have come to eat and do programs. The children get a healthy, balanced meal. My family enjoys meeting other families with children. We enjoy the Holiday programs with Santa. These Holiday programs connect my grandchildren and we are able to have quality time, and greet and

Testimonial: Anonymous

Hundred Nights helps me stay warm, feeds me, clothes me, and gives me a place to stay in the winter time if I need one. Hundred Nights helps us with whatever they can help us with, like now they are trying to help me apply to get a disability check for my cancer and my

Testimonial: Skylar D

100 Nights is a place made up of good people helping the ones who need it. They give people a warm, dry place to stay. They give food and drinks (beverages) to help out people who are having a really hard time. They give us clothes. They are a really big help to this world.

Testimonial: Anonymous

Hundred Nights has provided me a safe, secure, place to go when I needed protection from a former boyfriend. I had a court protection order and I did not know what state of mind he was going to be in after being released from jail. Mindy, Jeff, Carol and Lesley all gave me help and

Testimonial Poem: Gordon

I like the egg quiche at the drop-in. (morning) I like the coffee in the morning at the drop-in. I like American Chop Suey for the lunch meal. I like listening to friends I can help. I like some movies sometimes. -Gordon